How was Flipped to $5000 profit in Just 2 Months?

Welcome to Power Domaining profitable domain flips analysis.

Today, we will analyse a quick domain flip of that ended in about $5000 profit in just two months.

I have already made about $3,000 in profit in quick flipping domains after learning from such flips.

You can also make quick flipping profits by learning and analysing such flips.

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How domain was bought?

In April 2020, a fellow domainer bought in a Godaddy Auction. You can check out the sale here. Godaddy estimated value is $9,124. As per the research I have been doing for the past two to three years, high Godaddy valued domains generally end up going to high prices in their expired domains auctions.

But, the buyer could manage to get at just $2,297. This is price is about 25.12% of Godaddy estimated value.So, this seems a seller Godaddy auction rather than an expired auction.

This price makes sense as it is a four letter pronounceable domain. Also, it may mean financial aid. So, the domain has huge value to the right end user.

How was Sold?:

Within two months, i.e on 09th June 2020, this domainer has put it on a seven day no-reserve auction on Sedo.

Boom! the domain has fetched $6,000 GBP=7,395 USD. You can check out the auction here.

Buyers on Sedo auctions are mostly domain investors. The financial touch of this domain may have triggered one of them to pay this price.

Anyways, its not at all a bad purchase for the buyer on Sedo. This domain can easily fetch mid to higher five figers or even more to the right end user.

Takeaways from this flip:

When you choose a right domain, buy it at lowest possible price and auction it on a right platform, you can easily make huge ptlrofits in quick domain flipping.

We always focus on end user sales. It’s okay. That’s good and profitable. But making such a quick flips is not a bad idea. It helps your cash flow and keeps you motivated.

I suggest you auction your domains on Sedo only if they are short and high quality domains.

I have already tried Sedo auctions for low value domains but they did not yield me any gains. So, learn from my mistake and act smart.

If you auction low value domains on Sedo, you will end up loosing your domain for dead low price. You may loose that $59 Sedo auction fee too.

Hope this flip helped you gain some traction of the domain auctions market.

Have you ever made a quick flip like this? Share your flips in the comment section here.

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