Sedo MLS Premium: How Can It Increase Your Domain Sales?

Sedo MLS Premium is a network of registrars that tied up with Sedo to promote its listed domains. This is similar to the Afternic premium network.

Sedo MLS premium is free to activate but the commission is more at 20% of the price. It has some potential to increase visibility of your domain portfolio to end users. Then, why not activate it?

Today we will see how to activate Sedo MLS premium and a quick list of its registrar partners.

Let’s get started.

What is Sedo MLS premium and how it works?

As mentioned earlier, some registrars partnered with Sedo to sell Sedo listed domains at their website.

When you activate your domains with Sedo MLS premium and set a BIN price, your domains show up at all the participating registrar’s domain searches.

This is how it works. When there is an end-user search for your domain at any of these registrars, they show your domain as an available premium domain for sale. If he/she like the domain and the price, they can instantly hit the BIN button to buy your domain.

If fast transfer is activated, the buyer can instantly get your domain in their registrar dahboard. Otherwise, you need to share an auth code with Sedo to transfer the domain.

List of Sedo MLS Premium Registrar Partners:

Here is a quick list of Sedo MLS premium partners. This list can give you an idea of the current network. This list is as of 24th May 2020. Sedo keeps adding new registrars to its network over the course of time. We will try to update this list

  2. Aruba Business
  4. BizCN
  6. DirectNic
  7. Domain-Bestellsystem
  8. Domain24
  9. DomainDiscover
  10. Domainers Registrar
  11. Domainshype
  12. Domainvermarkter
  13. Don Dominio
  14. Dynadot LLC
  15. eNom
  16. Epik
  18. GiDiNet
  23. InterNetWire
  24. InterNetX
  25. iPage
  26. IPOWER
  27. Juming technology co., LTD
  28. Logicboxes
  29. LWS
  31. NameSilo
  32. Nederland Live
  33. Netfirms
  34. Network Solutions
  36. PartnerGate
  37. Powweb
  38. Profilebuilder
  39. Public Domain Registry
  40. Public Domain Registry Ltd
  42. Resellerclub
  43. RRP Key-Systems
  44. Siteground
  45. Smart-NIC
  46. Solodom
  47. Tucows/OpenSRS
  48. URL Solutions Inc.
  49. V2 Technosys DBA
  50. Vautron
  52. Vistaprint
  53. Wholesale
  56. World4You

How To Activate Sedo MLS Premium For Your Domains:

You can activate Sedo MLS premium either while adding domains or after that.

You must set a BIN price to activate this. Also, your domain registrar should be one of the the partners listed above.

Step 1: Activate it at Sedo:

While adding domains, Sedo automatically asks you to opt to this network. Just select the registrar name and check the “accept terms and conditions ” check box and hit “Finish Adding Domains” button.

Sedo MLS Premium Activation at Sedo

After activating it at Sedo, you will automatically receive an email from your registrar to give your consent to fast transfer.

Step 2: Give your Consent to Activate It at your registrar:

After getting an email from your registrar regarding this activation, you need to log in to your registrar’s dashboard to opt for Sedo MLS premium.

This activation email may take a day or two to arrive. Don’t worry, just wait for the email.

This activation also may include fast transfer of your domains. Fast transfer means buyer can instantly get your domain after making payment without you knowing it.

This competes the Sedo MLS Premium Activation.

If you want to check for yourself how it works, do this. Go to any of the above listed partner website and search for your domain. There, you will see your domain as available premium domain with your BIN price.

Note: After this activation, it may take some time to show up at all partners. So, check it after waiting for a few hours.

What if your registrar is not a partner of sedo mls premium? Then, you cannot add your domains to this premium network.

All tha you can do is send an email to your registrar to add itself to this network.

That’s why I prefer to keep my domains with either epik or dynadot. Both are domainer friendly registrars only.

Do Opt Your Domains for Sedo MLS Premium:

Sedo MLS premium gives additional exposure to your domain portfolio. After all, it is free to activate it. So, I recommend activate your domains to Sedo MLS premium.

I agree that the commission is high at 20% of BIN price. But, it is worth it because you may get end user sales. You can cover up this additional commission by increasing the prices of your domains.

Hope this guide helps you sell your domains fast. Do comment here if any of your domains sold via Sedo MLS premium network

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