Afternic Vs Sedo For Sellers

Confused about where to list your domain portfolio? Afternic? Sedo?

I suggest you list your domains on both the marketplaces. Both have some potential to bring end-user sales for you.

In this post, we will compare Afternic and Sedo in the domainers point of view.

Let’s get right in.


Afternic is a network of big registrars that has the power to show your domains to end users all over the internet. In fact, I believe Afternic is a boon for domainers.


We all want to sell our domains to end users. Most end users directly visit their favorite registrar and search for names in their mind. There, we will be able to easily reach them if we list our domains with Afternic.

Why list domains at Afternic:

  • Easy to signup and easy process to list domains
  • It is completely free to list domains with Afternic.
  • No need to verify ownership. A big time saver when you have a big portfolio.
  • Fast transfer facility available when your domains are with their premium network registrars like Godaddy, dynadot etc. Fast transfer makes the buyer to immediately gain ownership after payment.
  • Afternic supports parking and landing page builders. Choose parking page only if your domains get considerable traffic. Otherwise, I suggest for-sale landing page only.
  • Afternic commission is little high at 20% upto $5000 sale price ($15 minimum), between $5,001 to $25,000 price-  $1,000 +15% of amount over $5k, and 
    $25,000 and over sale price- $4,000 +10% of amount over $25k. But the commission is worth it because they bring end user sales.
  • Afternic has a record of handsome past sales. Businesses trust their brokers.
  • Their customer service is helpful and they try their best to clarify buyer’s doubts.  


Sedo is one of the biggest marketplaces to park, buy and sell domains. They have a great reputation of record domain sales. receives about two million estimated visits till date. So, we can easily visualize its potential from this traffic.

sedo traffic estimates

Unlike other marketplaces, Sedo has recorded considerable sales in non .com TLDs too. Sedo also has some premium network of registrars like etc that can bring some additional exposure to your domains if you opt for its MLS network.

Why list domains at Sedo:

  • Easy to sign up and easy to list domains
  • It has the potential bring end user prices for your portfolio
  • It is completely free to list domains with Sedo
  • Parking and for-sale landing page is available. Sedo has recently added some modern for-sale landing pages. You can try them if you wish.
  • You need to verify ownership for each of the domains you list here. You can either add a TXT record or change name servers to Sedo parking pages to verify ownership. If you have a big portfolio, this is really a time consuming work.
  • Sedo MLS premium is a bonus too. It brings additional exposure to your listings via Sedo’s partner registrars and affiliate networks.
  • Sedo too has a chat and email Support. But the support is not up to the mark. The response is slow. But It does not make much difference to domainers though.

Afternic Vs Sedo: 

Here is a quick compassion on various various parameters in the interest of sellers

CriteriaAfternicSedo Remarks
Signup ProcessEasyEasy
Listing cost Free to list Free to list
Domain Parking AvailableAvailableYou can earn parking income with both if your portfolio receives traffic
For-sale lading pageAvailable Available I believe Afternic landing page is better than that of Sedo
Name,, ns2.sedoparking.comSedo landing page has Sedo home page link and other footer links. Afternic landing page has few or no links.
Ownership verificationNot requiredRequiredI hate Sedo’s Ownership verification process via TXT record. It takes long time. Verification via name servers is quick and easy
Premium NetworkAvailableAvailableAfternic Premium Network is better than that of Sedo. Afternic network can expose your domain to over 75M potential buyer searches each month
Commissiom Sale price:
$0 to $5000- 20% ($15 minimum)
$5,001 to $25,000- $1,000 +15% of amount over $5k
$25,000 and over- $4,000 +10% of amount over $25k
Sale of a parked, Buy Now domain on the Sedo marketplace: 10%
Sale of a domain on the Sedo marketplace, Domain Auction on the Sedo marketplace : 15%
Domain Sale via SedoMLS partners: 20%
Afternic commission is a little higher than that of Sedo but it is worth it because it brings more end user exposure to your domains. Just price your domains to cover that extra commission
Escrow ServiceAvailable. Escrow fee included in the commission amount Available , escrow fee included in the commission amount Escrow service protects both sellers and buyers.

My Suggestion:

I suggest you list your domain portfolio on both of the marketplaces.

Afternic brings you sales via network of big registrars. Sedo can bring sales via Sedo search, affiliate partners, registrar partners.

After all, you get sales without any listing cost. Both markets provide you payment escrow service too without any additional cost.

I invite you to comment your experience with either of the marketplaces.

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