How To Sell Your Domains On NameJet

We should admit the fact: “selling domains is not that easy”. But, if you list your domains on a right marketplace, you will certainly win the game.

Keep in mind that only two parties buy domains. One is end users who want to start a business. The other party is domain investors who want to resell them for profits.

As we all know, selling domains to end users take time. But if you own valuable domains, you can easily sell them on NameJet to other domain investors/end users.

If you thought NameJet was just for expired domain auctions., change your thought now. We also can sell domains on NameJet as a direct seller.

I have sold 10-15 domains on Namejet and received over $1000 as payments.

Read on to learn how to sell your domains on NameJet.

About NameJet:

NameJet is a big marketplace that sells domains through back-ordering and auctioning. NameJet has garnered a considerable amount of domain buyers.

When you check NameJet sales on NameBio, you will find considerable daily sales that fetch handsome prices. This proves NameJet has a great potential to sell your domains.

How NameJet Sells Domains:

They place each domain listing on a 10-3o day back ordering. In this period, bidders can place a minimum $69 back-order. If a listing receives more than one back-order, it is pushed to a three-day auction.

NameJet sells expired domains of its partner registrars. It has a drop catching service that can catch dropped domains too.

The best thing about NameJet for we domainers:

NameJet also lists domains of direct sellers too. We can list our domains on NameJet auctions as a direct seller. There is no listing fee to list domains on NameJet.

Unlike with Godaddy auctions, direct seller listings get almost same exposure as their expired domains. After a successful auction sale, NameJet pays you after deducting 15% commission.

Domains I have Sold On NameJet:

I have tried NameJet few months ago. I have sold some domains there. I have seen profits for some listings.

Here are the domains I have listed and sold on NameJet:

Domain NameStatusAuction StartBiddersHigh BidReserveAuction EndTypePaid Date ReserveNotMet 04-02-2019 28 $100 $200 04-05-2019 Public ReserveNotMet 04-05-2019 26 $100 $200 04-08-2019 Public Paid 04-06-2019 1 $69 $0 04-06-2019 Public 04-06-2019 Paid 04-06-2019 4 $69 $0 04-09-2019 Public 04-09-2019 ReserveNotMet 7/19/2019 30 $79 $1,599 7/22/2019 Public Paid 7/20/2019 30 $233 $0 7/23/2019 Public 7/23/2019 Paid 7/21/2019 7 $79 $0 7/24/2019 Public 7/24/2019 Paid 7/22/2019 19 $312 $0 7/25/2019 Public 7/25/2019 Paid 8/19/2019 5 $69 $0 8/22/2019 Public 8/22/2019 Paid 8/19/2019 13 $79 $0 8/22/2019 Public 8/24/2019 Paid 9/13/2019 4 $80 $0 9/16/2019 Public 9/16/2019 Paid 9/15/2019 43 $191 $0 9/18/2019 Public 9/25/2019 Paid 9/15/2019 9 $80 $0 9/18/2019 Public 9/18/2019 Paid 9/15/2019 37 $99 $0 9/18/2019 Public 9/18/2019 Paid 9/16/2019 8 $100 $0 9/19/2019 Public 9/19/2019 Paid 9/16/2019 30 $99 $0 9/19/2019 Public 9/19/2019

Now, let’s move on to know how to list your domains on NameJet.

How to list your domains on NameJet:

To list your domains on NameJet, you should first become a direct seller. Also, you should have an account with their registrar partner.The current registrar partner is Network Solutions (earlier it was Enom).

This is how the process works:

  1. Sign up for a free NameJet account. It just takes a minute. After that they will manually review and approve your account. You need to add at least one credit card to your account. Your credit card is validated by a $1 transaction.
  2. Create a Network Solutions account if you don’t have one. You need to transfer your domains to your Network Solutions account to deliver them to buyers after the buyer pays or the reserve is met .
  3. Become a verified bidder. You must become a verified bidder to list domains on NameJet even if you don’t want to place bids to buy domains there. To become a verified bidder, download and fill up this form (pdf) . Gather a government-issued COLOR photo ID (driver’s license or passport) that matches the name on your credit card. Scan both documents (no fax) and attach them to a Support Center Ticket created from within your account. After approval, your account will be labelled as a verified bidder.
  4. After becoming a verified bidder, submit some sample domains to request a direct seller account. This is how to go about it. First, login to your account and click on “list domains” link in the dashboard. Fill up the online form that takes max of 11 sample domains and click on Submit.In few days, you will receive an email reply from one of their account managers.
  5. If they like your domains, they will send you an email with direct seller agreement form, standard worksheet for submitting domains to NameJet and direct seller account rules and FAQs. Fill up the agreement form , sign it and send it back to them. Also,email them your payment info and Network Solutions account no as requested in their email.
  6. After reviewing the agreement you sent, your domains will be uploaded and will become live for back-ordering. NameJet likes no-reserve auctions. But you can submit reserve prices too.
  7. This just a one time lengthy process. But once done, you can simply email them a simple standard worksheet to list domains every month.

The process seems a bit lengthy and complicated. But it is required to build trust.Unlike with Flippa domain sales, you rarely see fake bidders that do not pay after winning an auction.

I too have hated this lengthy process in the beginning but later realized that it is worth it.

Some Quick Rules for NameJet Sellers:

  • To sell on NameJet, your domains must be with Network Solutions. If they are not there, you need to transfer them to Netsol after the reserve is met.
  • NameJet pays only through Wire transfer. No Paypal payment is currently supported. So, I suggest you get a Payoneer account and give them your virtual USA account details.
  • NameJet does not list domains that are due to expire in the next three months. So, make sure your domains have at least 3 months to expire
  • Payment is made on 16th of every month. So, if your domain is sold on 20th Nov, you will receive payment on 16th DEC.

My Recommendation:

NameJet is a great place to sell domains. I suggest you list your portfolio with NameJet. Many domainers ignore NameJet because of its lengthy process to list. But, I recommend you will benefit from it in the long run.

When you have a big portfolio, it is very beneficial to list on NameJet. You will pay nothing because the listing fee is zero (flippa charges minimum $15/per auction).

Share your NameJet selling experience with us in the comments. Also, feel free to comment here if you need any help with listing domains on NameJet.

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