Sedo And Flippa Sales Report

Sedo and Flippa are famous marketplaces for huge end-user domain sales. So, we have built a tool that catches Sedo and Flippa sales daily and updates this page every day.

Go through this page every day to understand the domain sales trend. Then, you will know how to rightly price your domains. Or you will know how much to invest on a particular domain.

Search Our Sales Database:

34411 Flippa Domain Sales recorded in our database till today
1540 Sedo Domain Sales recorded in our database till today

Domain Price Venue Date
bier.de149,000 EURSedo
expert.ai95,000 EURSedo
rs.de70,000 EURSedo
uhr.de70,000 EURSedo
chauffage.fr62,500 EURSedo
perfectos.be45,000 EURSedo
cico.com45,000 EURSedo
bettingodds.com390000 GBPSedo
modena.com34,000 EURSedo
digid.com30,000 EURSedo
wi.de29,750 EURSedo
auden.com25,000 GBPSedo
casino.ro220000 EURSedo
company.ch22,000 EURSedo
sexe.com210000 EURSedo
porn.co20,000 EURSedo
eventmaker.com20,000 EURSedo
boxine.com20,000 EURSedo
ktg.com18,500 EURSedo
homedo.fr17,000 EURSedo
invierto.com15,000 EURSedo
viajes.es147000 EURSedo
gartenwelt.de14,280 EURSedo
geero.com14,000 EURSedo
lyckost.com12,175 EURSedo
boix.com12,100 EURSedo
sellershome.com12,000 EURSedo
finca.de12,000 EURSedo
bad.de119000 EURSedo
erogames.com11,999 EURSedo
mischanlage.de11,900 EURSedo
hza.de11,000 EURSedo
reference.co11,000 EURSedo
flo.com109106 EURSedo
wg.de102501 EURSedo
sundt.de10,999 EURSedo,000 GBPSedo
wohnmobil.com10,000 EURSedo
qmt.fr10,000 EURSedo
calyxia.com10,000 EURSedo
site.pl10,000 EURSedo
mobidrive.com10,000 EURSedo
ketomix.com10,000 EURSedo
mallorca.at9,900 EURSedo
meinungsfreiheit.de9,520 EURSedo
workzilla.com9,000 EURSedo
mixit.ro8,600 EURSedo
joyclub.cz8,500 EURSedo
viruscleaner.com8,100 EURSedo,000 GBPSedo
naeco.com8,000 EURSedo
bet.be8,000 EURSedo
21.de79730 EURSedo
acetech.com75000 EURSedo
koffer.com75000 EURSedo
briefgold.de7,500 EURSedo
kode.de7,500 EURSedo
iubn.com7,500 EURSedo
cardart.com7,500 EURSedo
hypersport.de7,250 EURSedo
tested.de7,140 EURSedo
dubistnichtallein.de7,000 EURSedo
intonation.com7,000 EURSedo
nfc.com68200 EURSedo,995 GBPSedo
sensecheck.com6,510 GBPSedo
vidastudio.com6,500 EURSedo
n2.de6,500 EURSedo
phlov.de6,500 EURSedo
jackpotengine.com6,500 EURSedo
encrypt.org6,500 EURSedo
manora.de6,200 EURSedo
faid.com6,000 GBPSedo
3dqr.com6,000 EURSedo
farmy.nl6,000 EURSedo
lelive.fr6,000 EURSedo
erektio.com6,000 EURSedo
supernimbus.com6,000 EURSedo
seereisen.de59500 EURSedo
ia.de55000 EURSedo
tricks.de5,950 EURSedo
kuepper.de5,950 EURSedo
tailwind.de5,950 EURSedo
betcheck24.com5,500 EURSedo
infranet.at5,500 EURSedo
bestbingosites.com5,200 EURSedo
sportwettencheck.com5,117 EURSedo
sicario.com5,100 EURSedo
zahnkraft.com5,000 EURSedo
authenium.com5,000 EURSedo
swiss-shine.com5,000 EURSedo
kamper.de5,000 EURSedo
digipost.com5,000 EURSedo
betcheck.com5,000 EURSedo
klax.dk5,000 EURSedo
miet.de5,000 EURSedo
so.ai5,000 EURSedo
amerika.info5,000 EURSedo
huisdieren.be5,000 EURSedo
faye.fr5,000 EURSedo
sudoku.net42500 GBPSedo
grillen.de41990 EURSedo
street.org4,999 EURSedo
putzfrauen.de4,900 EURSedo
unternehmen.ch4,750 EURSedo
ambientgreen.com4,500 GBPSedo
monacoproperty.com4,500 EURSedo
varen.com4,460 EURSedo
archiver.com4,300 EURSedo
canture.com4,260 EURSedo
joyclub.it4,250 EURSedo
jogginghose.de4,165 EURSedo
spacepass.com4,100 EURSedo
match.net4,100 EURSedo
zooms.com4,100 EURSedo
fgn.eu4,000 EURSedo
zahnkraft.de4,000 EURSedo
sitederencontre.fr4,000 EURSedo
coevo.com4,000 EURSedo
cams.at4,000 EURSedo
moneymax.eu4,000 EURSedo
millionär.de4,000 EURSedo
mobility.de35000 EURSedo
red.tv35000 EURSedo
madrid.net35000 EURSedo
nx.de33320 EURSedo
we.de30000 EURSedo
remato.com3,999 EURSedo
snowboards.eu3,900 EURSedo
lusthome.com3,850 EURSedo
ewego.net3,600 EURSedo
trauerportal.de3,570 EURSedo
mobilephones.uk3,500 GBPSedo
toni.es3,500 EURSedo
intropay.com3,500 EURSedo
welt.net3,500 EURSedo
instalado.com3,478 EURSedo
jobliste.de3,451 EURSedo
drinks.lu3,290 EURSedo
betcheck.de3,213 EURSedo
klot.com3,200 GBPSedo
assurancevoiture.fr3,200 EURSedo
fitfashion.com3,000 EURSedo
tutorial.fr3,000 EURSedo
webdesign-wien.at3,000 EURSedo
elitetorrent.com3,000 EURSedo
create.berlin3,000 EURSedo
mobilae.de3,000 EURSedo
pwh.nl3,000 EURSedo
kopfkissen.de3,000 EURSedo
mr.delivery3,000 EURSedo
cash.fr3,000 EURSedo
amerika.at3,000 EURSedo
wauto.de3,000 EURSedo
mondkapjes.com3,000 EURSedo
papz.com3,000 EURSedo
kalayo.com3,000 EURSedo
wc.de29000 EURSedo
edito.com26400 EURSedo
veridesk.com26000 EURSedo
digitalbrain.com25500 EURSedo GBPSedo
odds.co25000 GBPSedo
ixa.com25000 EURSedo
paulvalentine.com24000 EURSedo
brillen.com23500 EURSedo GBPSedo
sekt.com22500 EURSedo
neuseeland.com21200 EURSedo
replicate.com20000 EURSedo
singleboersen.de20000 EURSedo
comunica.com2,999 EURSedo
ketodiet.ch2,900 EURSedo
homebuy.de2,800 EURSedo
rafting.org2,788 EURSedo
betcheck.pt2,750 EURSedo
lens4you.ch2,693 EURSedo
1tab.com2,650 EURSedo
hausberater.de2,635 EURSedo
planung.de2,550 EURSedo
helptobuild.com2,500 GBPSedo
rechnungsvordrucke.de2,500 EURSedo
epj.nl2,500 EURSedo
unternehmerzeitung.de2,500 EURSedo
glück.eu2,500 EURSedo
frummi.com2,500 EURSedo
waterdrop.es2,500 EURSedo
meinweg.de2,500 EURSedo
hos.tel2,500 EURSedo
sportwetten-tipps.org2,500 EURSedo
oils.de2,500 EURSedo
bitventure.com2,500 EURSedo
landkind.com2,500 EURSedo
mobilae.nl2,420 EURSedo
obstkorb.de2,400 EURSedo,388 GBPSedo
sanierungsprofis.com2,380 EURSedo
camping-kaufhaus.de2,380 EURSedo
zerotolerance.de2,380 EURSedo
sociables.com2,300 EURSedo

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