Sedo And Flippa Sales Report

Sedo and Flippa are famous marketplaces for huge end-user domain sales. So, we have built a tool that catches Sedo and Flippa sales daily and updates this page every day.

Go through this page every day to understand the domain sales trend. Then, you will know how to rightly price your domains. Or you will know how much to invest on a particular domain.

Search Our Sales Database:

34411 Flippa Domain Sales recorded in our database till today
3655 Sedo Domain Sales recorded in our database till today

Domain Price Venue Date
ecommerce.de152,000 EURSedo
termin.de150,000 EURSedo
bier.de149,000 EURSedo
ev.fr120,000 EURSedo
on.de119,000 EURSedo
topfx.eu100,000 EURSedo
photobooth.com100,000 EURSedo
expert.ai95,000 EURSedo
fincas.com75,000 EURSedo
rs.de70,000 EURSedo
uhr.de70,000 EURSedo
kitchen.co70,000 EURSedo
chauffage.fr62,500 EURSedo
wv.de60,000 EURSedo
gp.de59,500 EURSedo
fv.de58,000 EURSedo
faceyoga.com55,000 GBPSedo
magnet.de51,000 EURSedo
evy.com46,000 GBPSedo
perfectos.be45,000 EURSedo
cico.com45,000 EURSedo
payments.co45,000 EURSedo
lokal.com40,600 EURSedo,000 EURSedo
grundsteuerwert.de40,000 EURSedo
credit.de40,000 EURSedo
profile.link40,000 EURSedo
bettingodds.com390000 GBPSedo
microfaser.com37,500 EURSedo
krypto.de35,700 EURSedo,000 GBPSedo
pornos.de35,000 EURSedo
theride.com35,000 EURSedo
modena.com34,000 EURSedo
doh.com33,000 EURSedo
droneshop.com33,000 EURSedo
cannabis.ch31,000 EURSedo
digid.com30,000 EURSedo
fewo.com30,000 EURSedo
galerie.de30,000 EURSedo
editpad.org30,000 EURSedo
ofertas.es30,000 EURSedo
promi.de30,000 EURSedo
games.de30,000 EURSedo
muenzer.com30,000 EURSedo
wi.de29,750 EURSedo
holland.de29,000 EURSedo
brockmeyer.com27,500 EURSedo
edelweiss.com26,100 EURSedo
uaebusiness.com26,000 EURSedo
iu.de25,520 EURSedo
auden.com25,000 GBPSedo
mission.io25,000 GBPSedo
regal.de25,000 EURSedo
coach.co25,000 EURSedo
utn.de25,000 EURSedo
gene.ai25,000 EURSedo
heizungen.de25,000 EURSedo
scalar.de25,000 EURSedo
ferienjob.de25,000 EURSedo
pokerplus.com25,000 EURSedo
instincts.com24,999 EURSedo
qr.org24,999 EURSedo
sapi.com24,900 EURSedo
htm.de23,800 EURSedo
amsterdam.de23,800 EURSedo
webmail.de23,055 EURSedo
casino.ro220000 EURSedo
kiffen.com22,450 EURSedo
company.ch22,000 EURSedo
roboticprocessautomation.com22,000 EURSedo
olympusbank.com22,000 EURSedo
sexe.com210000 EURSedo
termine.de21,000 EURSedo
tipps.de21,000 EURSedo
desoc.com20,500 EURSedo
e-commerce.de20,230 EURSedo
game.co20,080 EURSedo
porn.co20,000 EURSedo
eventmaker.com20,000 EURSedo
boxine.com20,000 EURSedo
sistems.de20,000 EURSedo
flitterwochen.de20,000 EURSedo
gartencenter.de20,000 EURSedo
staedtereisen.com20,000 EURSedo
kaffeemaschinen.de20,000 EURSedo
konto.com20,000 EURSedo
median-group.com20,000 EURSedo
coupons.at20,000 EURSedo
photovoltaikanlagen.de20,000 EURSedo
assepro.de20,000 EURSedo
snus.eu19,990 EURSedo
edelsteinschmuck.de19,140 EURSedo
offices.co19,000 EURSedo
tima.com18,589 EURSedo
ktg.com18,500 EURSedo
vhn.com18,000 GBPSedo
ge.de18,000 EURSedo
zonabet.com18,000 EURSedo
omni.network18,000 EURSedo
kochbuch.de17,850 EURSedo
energieausweis.de17,850 EURSedo
golfzone.de17,850 EURSedo
inf.co17,500 EURSedo
homedo.fr17,000 EURSedo
daruma.de16,660 EURSedo,500 EURSedo
autos24.com16,240 EURSedo
may-design.com16,000 EURSedo
hry.com15,900 EURSedo
routenplaner.de15,155 EURSedo,000 GBPSedo
invierto.com15,000 EURSedo
avesina.com15,000 EURSedo
stockholm.de15,000 EURSedo
möbel.shop15,000 EURSedo
tourist.it15,000 EURSedo
skateboard.de15,000 EURSedo
ops.io15,000 EURSedo
bryck.de15,000 EURSedo
liven.de15,000 EURSedo
fit.in15,000 EURSedo,000 EURSedo
hvar.com15,000 EURSedo
bank.es15,000 EURSedo
miogroup.com15,000 EURSedo
autoaz.de15,000 EURSedo
fitness.org15,000 EURSedo
ferienhaus-nordsee.de15,000 EURSedo
snapp.eu15,000 EURSedo
meinekreuzfahrt.de15,000 EURSedo
viajes.es147000 EURSedo
pvz.com14,500 EURSedo
gartenwelt.de14,280 EURSedo
vk.de14,000 GBPSedo
geero.com14,000 EURSedo
platinum.es14,000 EURSedo
cont.eu14,000 EURSedo
republic.de13,920 EURSedo
sport.social13,900 EURSedo
cuba.org13,722 EURSedo
themarket.eu13,500 EURSedo
amusing.com13,000 EURSedo
sudoku.de13,000 EURSedo
vetec.com12,715 EURSedo
parrot.co12,500 GBPSedo
balo.com12,500 EURSedo
mastersales.com12,500 EURSedo
mysteps.com12,500 EURSedo
forum.co12,500 EURSedo
lyckost.com12,175 EURSedo
boix.com12,100 EURSedo
sellershome.com12,000 EURSedo
finca.de12,000 EURSedo
foryou.de12,000 EURSedo
dc.ag12,000 EURSedo
wwhs.de12,000 EURSedo
devisenhandel.de12,000 EURSedo
oc.at12,000 EURSedo
gpp.de12,000 EURSedo
e-bikes.de12,000 EURSedo
realproperties.com12,000 EURSedo
repair.ai12,000 EURSedo
bad.de119000 EURSedo
erogames.com11,999 EURSedo
mischanlage.de11,900 EURSedo
parkour.de11,900 EURSedo
eround.de11,900 EURSedo
buerobedarf.com11,900 EURSedo
elka.de11,900 EURSedo
kleiderschrank.de11,900 EURSedo
wtm.de11,888 EURSedo
d.gs11,786 EURSedo
hza.de11,000 EURSedo
reference.co11,000 EURSedo
speckmann.com11,000 EURSedo
krainer.com11,000 EURSedo
stuehle.de11,000 EURSedo
midss.org11,000 EURSedo
deutsche-immobilien.de11,000 EURSedo
trainin.com11,000 EURSedo
kesch.com11,000 EURSedo
elektroroller.de11,000 EURSedo
flo.com109106 EURSedo
wg.de102501 EURSedo
sundt.de10,999 EURSedo
zertifikat.de10,710 EURSedo
openlinkprofiler.org10,099 GBPSedo
lightning.io10,099 EURSedo
belp.com10,099 EURSedo
seoprofiler.com10,099 EURSedo,000 GBPSedo
absolute.co10,000 GBPSedo
wohnmobil.com10,000 EURSedo
qmt.fr10,000 EURSedo
calyxia.com10,000 EURSedo
site.pl10,000 EURSedo
mobidrive.com10,000 EURSedo
ketomix.com10,000 EURSedo
anywhere.io10,000 EURSedo

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